Thursday, November 19, 2009

Successful Plastic Surgery

In Romania there is a tv show in which those people participates who have different physical defects and those defects are removed with the help of cosmetic surgery and dentistry.


  1. Through cosmetic surgery and dental procedures, these women are ready to start a new life with their new looks and full of self-esteem. Their courage and efforts during the competition paid well with these great results.

    Jack Sebastian

  2. Ah, this show reminds me of the reality show, The Swan. They are just some of the people who have benefited from plastic surgery. This is definitely a life-changing experience for them. Their transformation is just so wonderful. This proves that everyone can turn into a beautiful swan. :)

    -Terry Bayer

  3. The pictures really show that these women really had a successful plastic surgery and a great transformation. The perception of a person of how she looks somewhat affects her way of living, and I think that through plastic surgery, she can change it and start to feel great about herself. It’s a great way to boost someone’s self esteem.

    Jacinto Hukle

  4. Well, we could see the effects of cosmetic surgery right here. Some of the women have completely changed their appearance to the extent that we don't recognize them from the before pictures. But we can at least feel that it boosted their self-esteem and confidence. The way I see it, I don't see anyone looking disappointed with the outcome.

    Judith Arends

  5. I agree with you Judith. These women look really different from how they were before. Many people might question why they have to undergo cosmetic surgery. Well, some might not agree with them, but we just have to understand. I believe that they did the procedure because they find it as their way to look beautiful, and whether you admit it or not, many of us consider being beautiful as one way to feel good about ourselves. Cosmetic surgery will help these people value and love their selves even more. ;)

    Dennis Rode

  6. Seeing the before and after pictures, you could really tell that they are happy with the outcome. They're all smiles, and everything. Plastic surgery certainly boosted their confidence, and gave them those beautiful smiles.

    Geoffrey Lelia