Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art and Ghosts by Lousie

Welcome to the dream world of art and ghosts. An ethereal sphere that is charming and creepy all at the same time. These mysterious prints are made in Manchester, England by a woman named Louise who fancies a bit of fairy tale and mythology. She uses photoshop /wacom combo to meticulously handcolor each image.

She has this to say about her work:

“My images usually begin with a photograph, a painting or a doll portrait. I buy many dolls then sell them on for this reason alone (so fickle!), although i do possess a somewhat overbearing collection of plastic animals, doll house furniture and vintage frocks. My backgrounds are generally my own paintings or textures that I have created or photographed. Although most of my ‘completed’ work is digital, my sources are rather eclectic at best.”

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