Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Robo Japan 2008 Exhibition

In the Japanese city of Yokohama was held the “Robo Japan 2008“ exhibition, in which were presented the latest development of World leaders in robot technology. In this year’s Robo Japan 2008 was presented over hundreds of types of robots, including Robot-Spider, Talking Robot Housewife Vakamaru, Robot Suit, helping elderly people carry heavy things, Miniature Androids with height of 3.4 cm, and other fascinating fascinating electronic substance.

Honda robot "Asimo" serves dishes at a media preview of Robot Japan 2008 in Yokohama, Japan, on Oct. 10, 2008. ASIMO is being developed with the expectation of actually using it in daily life in the near future.

ASIMO is 130 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. It uses advanced walking technology to walk upright at 6 km/h. Even when both of ASIMOs feet are off the ground, it can actively control its posture, so that it walks in a straight line.

New company Badai "Net Tansor Web" knows how to take photographs and enjoy the various blog services.

A mini-sized robot Evolta "climbs" a rope.

Robot Chroino

The Robot developer Tomotaka Takahashi showing two models-androids Chroino and the FT, created in cooperation with Robo Garage.

Hart Step, the unit helps older people carry heavy things.

Robot-trainer, created by Institute Kanagawa Institute of Technology.

Mechanized ladybird (Lady Bird), capable of communicating with people.

Dancing robot i-SOBOT, shown by Takara Tomy.

A dog-robot Yume Inu DX, created by Sega Toys.

A robot "Android Wakamaru" imitates human gestures.

3,4-cm nanorobot Robo-Q is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows him to navigate in space and playing games.

Humanoid can play football, find the way in the maze and deftly circumvent suddenly emerging obstacles in his path, using the built infrared sensors.

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